A word about the founders of Educate the Girls,
Nancy Veldhuis and Elaine Kessler
Where We've Been
Nancy and Elaine both have lived several years in developing countries, Nancy in Kenya and
Colombia and Elaine in Tunisia. They believe this experience has given them an appreciation for
the culture and values of people in other countries and provided them with a unique perspective
on the work they seek to do with Educate the Girls. Both have been to Uganda and met the women
and girls who help and are helped by Educate the Girls. They are impressed by the hard work and
dedication it takes, day after day, for the women of Uganda to work to improve their lives, for the
future of their children and the future of their country.

How We Got Her

Nancy went to Uganda to visit her husband John Veldhuis, who worked with the Ugandan
educational system and later founded Central Buganda University. When she returned she told
her friends about meeting the women of the Kononi women's group and the work they were doing
to earn money to send their daughters and neighbors' daughters to school. Nancy's friends began
informally to sponsor girls in school there. One of these friends was Elaine, who had spent many
years volunteering with Women for Women International, almost from its founding by Zainab
Salbi when it was run by volunteers out of a tiny office with one phone line, to the much larger
organization featured on Oprah, CNN, and other media outlets. "We can do this on a small scale,
or we can do something much bigger, to help more people," she said. They decided to do
something bigger.

Where We're Going

We don't believe in small dreams. We envision Educate the Girls operating in other countries
where the need to help girls go to school is great--there are, unfortunately, too many to list here.
But we can't do it alone--we need YOUR help. While one person sponsoring a girl's education is
wonderful, it is no less wonderful to contribute any amount you can afford. We know that often
the most generous contributors are those with the least to spare.

Join Our Partnership

The world has become a different place in the last few years. We believe that to ensure the safety
of ourselves and our families, we must help ensure the safety of our global family as well. And we
believe education is one way to do this. We hope you will join with us and the women of Uganda
in this effort.
For more information, email us at askus@educatethegirls.org, call (703) 505-3261,
or write to us at 1529 S. George Mason Dr., Ste. 22, Arlington, Va. 22204.